Santoni conducts background checks, due diligence investigations and pre-employment screenings to protect employers, investors and financial institutions because what you don’t know can hurt you.  The Santoni System is utilized to insure that our data is reviewed, analyzed and accurate.

We develop background intelligence on business entities as well as individuals to mitigate risk in your business.

Santoni Background Investigations can uncover the following critical information;

  • Civil Case Research (State & Federal)
  • Criminal Activity- Arrest Records
  • Property Ownership
  • Associated Businesses
  • Liens & Judgments
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Professional Licensing (Verification & Complaints)
  • Accidents
  • Lawsuits
  • UCC Filings
  • Publications
  • Driving Record

When it comes to hiring employees and partnering with the right business partners, suppliers and vendors, it pays to do your homework first. According to U.S. Department of Commerce, employee fraud costs companies more than $400 billion annually. Embezzlement losses alone exceed $4 billion every year.  An astounding 30% of small businesses fail because of employee theft. The replacement cost of a bad hire is up to three times the position’s salary. Even worse, according to the Bureau of Justice, workplace violence accounts for 18% of all violent crime.

With the odds stacked against businesses like that, you need the right company in your corner to perform background checks not only on prospective employees but on prospective partners.